Changing Lives, One Woman at a Time

In 2004 Kimberly Robinson took a class through the Women’s Ministry Institute of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  She knew she had been called to women’s ministry but just did not understand exactly how or where.  She vowed to wait for God’s timing. While at SBTS a lady introduced Kimberly to Christian Women’s Job Corps, a... Continue Reading →

Why short-term missions?

Jesus’ commission to make disciples of all nations is clear (Matt 28:16-20). The early church saw clearly the responsibility of Jesus’ command as given to them (e.g, Acts 1:8; 13:1-3). But the question remains, Is the church today commissioned to simply send long-term missionaries or might there be room for short-term mission teams too? While... Continue Reading →

Rebuilding the Walls

The physical damage from disasters can be catastrophic to communities, families, and individuals.  Everyone who is affected faces a long recovery.  Once the immediate crisis has passed, it can be months and even years before lives begin to normalize. Rebuild ministry is a way to help families and vulnerable populations restore their lives and recover... Continue Reading →

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