How Many ATTEND or How Many We SEND?

Many churches count how many attend as if that is something that determines it’s success. How many we’re seating on any given Sunday was never intended to be a tool used to determine effectiveness.  But, how many the church sends out each week is an indicator of a church’s health and Biblical obedience. "And how... Continue Reading →

March Madness and Missions

I am a football fan who occasionally dabbles in watching basketball. However, I must admit that there is something exciting about March Madness! Maybe it’s the story of the Cinderella team that no one gives a shot to win, but somehow finds the right combination at the right time. Maybe it’s because of the frenzy... Continue Reading →


They often flee in the middle of the night, taking only what they can carry.  They flee because their ethnicity, religion, or politics make it unsafe to remain in the place that has been home.  They are refugees.  People without a home, without a country. The decision to leave their homeland is not a easy... Continue Reading →

Community Ministry Involves 75% of Congregation

I may not have believed this if I didn’t experience it myself. September of 2015 marked the first year that Kentucky Baptist Convention churches were invited, encouraged and equipped to conduct a statewide Operation Inasmuch (OIAM) effort. We discovered that somewhere between 55-75% of a church’s Sunday morning attendance participated in their OIAM ministry. I... Continue Reading →

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