No Winners

The George Zimmerman trial amplified the continued division in our nation over race.  America has made great strides in race relations, but this trial reminds us that we still have far to go.  Language on both sides of this case contained disturbing racist slang.  Regardless of your feelings on the verdict, the sad reality is that... Continue Reading →

Love in Action

Missions has been in full swing this week in three western Kentucky associations as WMU’s FamilyFEST and Christian County Baptist Association’s Operation Hopkinsville events have been going on. FamilyFEST brought in 73 persons to serve in the Paducah, KY area and 82 in the Henderson, KY area doing all types of mission projects.  Participants came... Continue Reading →

Helping the Right Way

As we witnessed the tornado ravaged community of Moore, Oklahoma, the scenes of devastation moved us with a desire to help.  As someone who has been involved with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (the third largest disaster relief entity in the world, right behind the American Red Cross and Salvation Army), and as one who has served in disaster... Continue Reading →

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