Planning for a Successful Mission Team

Several leaders have asked me for tips in planning a successful international mission team.  Here are critical steps that can assist you in having an effective missionary journey: Advanced preparation of six months to a year is vital in helping to alleviate anxiety, unify the team, increase effectiveness, eliminate potential issues or problems, and strengthen your... Continue Reading →

Crossroads Baptist Church – Helechawa, KY

Just off the Mountain Parkway, on the Wolfe-Morgan County line, sits Crossroads Baptist Church, a little white church in the quaint little community of Helechawa. The building once housed the community school but has now been given to the church as a place for worship. In 2007 Crossroads was started as a mission of Faith Baptist... Continue Reading →

Shepherd God’s Flock

As a young pastor, I wanted to change the world, change the church, and change people's lives.  I am now late in my ministry, and have come to realize that I cannot change the world, the church, or people.  God is the only one who can change and transform all things.  As shepherds of the flock, our... Continue Reading →

I Haven’t Eaten Anything Since Lunch

Coming home late one evening from work, I said to my family, "I haven't eaten anything since lunch and I'm starving".   After they laughed at me for such a silly comment, the truth set in.  I may have been hungry, but I wasn't starving.  To be quite honest, I have never experienced real hunger.  But... Continue Reading →

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