Healing and Hope

What is our calling as the church of Jesus Christ? If we look to the ministry of Jesus, we see that He demonstrated equal zeal for the ministries of preaching the Gospel and bringing healing to the broken.  Luke 4:40-44 gives us a great example of the spiritually balanced ministry of our Savior: "When the... Continue Reading →

Reaching Our Judea

The Bible tells us that when the Holy Spirit fills us, we will be witnesses of Christ in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the entire world (Acts 1:8).  Jesus made it clear that the gospel wasn't just for a specific people or only those living in a certain place.  He wanted us to share the message... Continue Reading →

It’s State Missions Week

This week Baptists all across Kentucky are focusing on the Week of Prayer for State Missions and the Eliza Broadus Offering.  Kentucky Woman’s Missionary Union so faithfully promotes state missionaries and ministries year after year and provides material for our mission emphasis.  Through the print material and videos we have an opportunity to learn what... Continue Reading →

Missions Strategy: Evangelize the Unreached

When Great Commission faithfulness begins with fervent prayer, as I wrote about last month, it leads to bold gospel proclamation (e.g., Acts 4).  The second component of Great Commission faithfulness is evangelizing the unreached.  Peter preaches his second sermon at the temple area in Acts 3.  Chapter 4 describes Peter and John being arrested for... Continue Reading →

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