The Gospel, Missions and October 31

October 31 is a day of great celebration among Christians.  We anticipate, or at least we should anticipate, this day every year.  This day marks a great recovery of the gospel.  No, I am not referring to Halloween, but the Reformation. On October 31, 1517, an Augustinian monk named Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses... Continue Reading →

The Bucket Project

Kentucky Baptists have a "Great Commission" opportunity at the 2014 Kentucky Baptist Convention Annual Meeting on November 11. How? Bring a bucket of hope to the annual meeting.  This will help us to push towards the finish line of our 2014 goal of collecting 5,000 hospice care buckets.  These will offer compassion to people in... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Story?

Story telling is a powerful tool for people of any age or culture. Whether it involves reading a story book to my grand-daughter or telling my co-workers about something that happened to me, a person's interest is held captive by a story. I remember how powerful our story was after my wife and I lost... Continue Reading →

Meet the Missionaries & Ministries

Want a chance to meet and talk one on one with many of our Kentucky missionaries?  Want to know more about missions and ministries in Kentucky?  Looking for an in-state mission opportunity for this fall or next year?  Or, would you just like to participate in a time of worship with mission testimonies, great music,... Continue Reading →

Missions Strategy: Establish Churches

As the world’s population continues to grow, the birthing of new churches is greatly needed. Empowering through prayer and evangelizing the unreached are necessary components of Great Commission faithfulness, as I have previously discussed.  The third necessary component of GC faithfulness is establishing churches.  As one examines the book of Acts, the strategy of the... Continue Reading →

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