Remembering Harold

In 2003 a special missionary couple came to serve in Kentucky.  Harold & Joyce Scroggs attended an Appalachian Regional Ministry Summit at Berea Baptist Church in search of an assignment where God might be leading them.  The rest is history.  For the past 11 ½ years, other than a brief stint back to their home... Continue Reading →

Hope for the Brokenhearted

When disasters come roaring into our lives, loss follows.  The loss can be material possessions: our home, vehicles, household belongings, income, photos, and keepsakes.  Even more devastating, the loss can involve loved ones.   Those who have been affected by these disasters are left to cope with feelings of: Loss Intrusion Vulnerability Escape We must have... Continue Reading →

Mercy Will Expect Change

We’re all familiar with churches that minister to the hungry by providing a bag of groceries, hot meal or sack lunch. Some churches provide financial assistance to individuals and families needing help with their rent or utilities. Others provide clothing, household items,  job training, pregnancy resources or shelter to those in need. Each of these... Continue Reading →

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