A “Beautiful” Mission Experience

  As the school year comes to a close, there are many “end of the year” activities.  One that juniors and seniors always look forward to is their Junior/Senior prom.  For twenty-nine ladies in the Albany, Kentucky area, prom was made a little sweeter this year (not to mention less expensive on the parents), thanks... Continue Reading →

Global Conquest…Now

God is a conquering God.  Last month I explored God’s conquest in the OT by looking at Joshua’s leadership among the people of Israel and their campaign to take the land of promise.  We see glimpses of God’s conquest strategy in the OT.  Ultimately, God will use His people to conquer lives, not lands.  He... Continue Reading →

Good Fishing

Jesus said to His first disciples, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.”  (Matthew 4:19.)  I had a good friend who was an excellent fisherman, and made a decent living as a fishing guide.  If there was one fish in a lake, my friend would catch it.  Why was he such a good... Continue Reading →

What’s the Fuss?

I recently led a workshop in which I shared how many churches today were actively engaging their communities by being the hands and feet of Jesus through acts of service. I suggested that by doing so, the church would be more relevant to the community and doors for spiritual influence would be opened.  One of... Continue Reading →

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