Oh Give Thanks to the Lord

This week marks the celebration of Thanksgiving.  Turkey, dressing, and desserts will be devoured on Thursday.  Families will gather to eat and give thanks.  But why?  For Americans, we give thanks for many reasons, not least of which is our freedom to live in a land that is free (for now) to worship without the... Continue Reading →

Winter Readiness

If you have never prepared for winter, you may want to begin this year.  Many experts are predicting an early winter with potential for harsh temperatures and large amounts of snow and ice. Severe weather is more than an inconvenience, it can be life-threatening if you are unprepared.  Here are a few tips to help... Continue Reading →

They were Called to Go – and Went!

I was reminded this week about Abraham who was called to go out to a new land.  Although he didn't know what would happen, Abraham showed great faith by obeying and going (Hebrews 11:8).  Think about the practical application of this verse.  It doesn’t appear that Abraham hesitated or argued with God.  When he was... Continue Reading →

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