Mister Rogers and the Syrian Crisis

“It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,                                                                          A beautiful day for a neighbor, Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won’t you please, won’t you please, Please won’t you be my neighbor? These lyrics are from the song “Won’t You be my Neighbor?” that was sung at the beginning of every episode of the... Continue Reading →


A sign leading into Yankton, South Dakota reads, "Yankton, S. D. The Home of 30,000 Friendly People and a Few Sore-heads."  We understand the sign, because we all know a few soreheads. Grumbling and complaining are rarely labeled as being a problem.  Grumbling is not one of the seven deadly sins.  To my knowledge, there are no... Continue Reading →

interSEED for our Kentucky Missionaries

During this month of November people all over Facebook are sharing their “30 Days of Thankfulness.”  One thing I thank God for is the nearly 100 missionaries that serve in various roles across Kentucky.  Many have left their homes and moved to new locations, while others are serving right in their home communities.  All have... Continue Reading →

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