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interSEED BookmarkDuring this month of November people all over Facebook are sharing their “30 Days of Thankfulness.”  One thing I thank God for is the nearly 100 missionaries that serve in various roles across Kentucky.  Many have left their homes and moved to new locations, while others are serving right in their home communities.  All have a heart for the people of Kentucky and a love for the Lord.  They work tirelessly at meeting the physical needs of those they serve and share the Gospel of Christ to those who need to know His love.  Theirs is not an easy job, but is so rewarding.

As I travel around the state and meet with these missionaries I find many of them tired, some discouraged, lonely, and dealing with a variety of issues.  They are in need of someone just to talk with and love them.  They are in need of rest.  They are in need of someone to pray for and with them.  Would you commit to “interSEED” for these missionaries?

Pray for the missionaries to have strength to do the work they have been called to do.  Most all of them work long hours, days without a break, and without enough help.  Pray for co-laborers to come alongside and share in the work.

Pray for the missionaries’ families, their children, their marriages to remain strong.

Pray for their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Pray for safety.  Yes, even in Kentucky, many are serving in dangerous areas.

Pray for both personal and ministry finances.  All of these missionaries are self-funded and often find support very lean.

Most of all pray for them spiritually.  Pray that the missionaries have a personal, intimate, growing relationship with the Lord.  Pray that they are bold in their witness and that they are a shining example of Christ.  Pray for mentors and support groups.  Pray that the missionaries are surrounded by other strong Christians and get connected to a strong, supporting church family.

One way to pray for the missionaries is through interSEED.  Each month download the prayer calendar ( and pray for the missionaries on their birthdays.  To pray on a more consistent basis go to for a complete list of those serving in Kentucky.  You might also consider “adopting” a Kentucky missionary through our “adopt-a-missionary” program.

As you spend time in prayer each day don’t forget to thank God for those missionaries serving in our state and pray for them to stand strong in their service.

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