Reaching the Underserved

Poverty is a real issue in our country and is getting worse every day.  As I read the reports of our missionaries who work with those in poverty I hear over and over again that they are ministering to a larger number of individuals and families each month.  According to the US Census Bureau, the... Continue Reading →

The Command is Greater Than the Need

I am so thankful for the literally thousands of missionaries who serve the Lord in Kentucky each year through a variety of ministries.  Whether one serves as a long term career missionary or a short term volunteer, you are considered a missionary, "if in response to God's call and gifting, you leave your comfort zone... Continue Reading →

Searching for One Man

Where is your sacred place?  According to one survey, men seek sacred places where they can get away from the ordinary grind of life.  Some sacred places that men shared were fishing boats, hunting camps, the golf course, and their workshops.  Some mentioned their recliners, television, and the morning paper as their sacred spot.  Interestingly, men did... Continue Reading →

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