Searching for One Man

Where is your sacred place?  According to one survey, men seek sacred places where they can get away from the ordinary grind of life.  Some sacred places that men shared were fishing boats, hunting camps, the golf course, and their workshops.  Some mentioned their recliners, television, and the morning paper as their sacred spot.  Interestingly, men did not mention the mall, restaurants, family gatherings, or the church as their place of refuge from the world.  I find it tragic that men as a whole do not seem to think of the church as a sacred place of refuge.

One recent survey identified that 61% of men have never entered a life-changing relationship with Christ and 33% are at best cultural Believers.  Thus, it should not surprise us that few men see the church as a sacred place of refuge from the world.  The greatest unreached people group in America may be the “man next door.”  So, how can we change this tragic trend with men in our culture?

If we are serious about drawing men to Christ, we must seek to develop models of ministry that connect with men in our culture.  What are men seeking today?

  1. Men need a real relationship with God, and evangelism with men is greatly impacted through friendships.
  2. Men are seeking that which is genuine.
  3. Men desire quality relationships and most often bond through shared hands-on activities.
  4. Men are looking for answers about life, family, finances, etc.
  5. Men want truth.
  6. Men are searching for purpose and vision in life.
  7. Men need a place of refuge from the grind of daily living.

For the church to reach men, we must capture their heads with truth, their hearts with genuine relationship, and their hands with authentic ministry opportunities.  It will require commitment, integrity of faith, and strategic efforts to connect with the men in our community.

I can only imagine the impact in our families, communities, state, and nation, if churches across Kentucky began to radically reach the men around us for Christ.  According to statistics, when the man of the family comes into a personal relationship with our Lord, then the chances of the entire family coming to Christ is elevated to a 93% likelihood.

So, what happens if we do not reach the men around us?  Then, tragically the words of Ezekiel might someday come to pass in our land:

“So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one.”  Ezekiel 22:30

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