Meet Our Newest Kentucky Missionaries

Each year we learn of individuals and couples that sense God’s call and leading to serve in ministries across Kentucky.  On Friday, April 10th, twelve of these new missionaries will be commissioned by the Kentucky Baptist Convention, in conjunction with Kentucky WMU, during the WMU annual meeting at the Sand Spring Baptist Church in Lawrenceburg.... Continue Reading →

Missions Strategy: Encourage Leaders

The call of the Great Commission (GC) is tremendous indeed.  It is a privilege to be an ambassador of our King, and yet it is a daunting responsibility.  The Lord never promised that making disciples of all nations would be easy; He did promise, however, that He would be with us.  Yet, the nature of... Continue Reading →

A Coming Disaster

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a disaster as, "a sudden calamitous event bringing great damage, loss, or destruction."  As these events come raging into our lives, people need someone to come alongside them, if they are to survive and recover. What comes to mind when you hear: Katrina Moore, Oklahoma Tornadoes Colorado Wildfires Hurricane Sandy 9-11... Continue Reading →

Growing Churches Engage Their Communities

In Autopsy of a Deceased Church, Thom Rainer explores consistent themes among churches that have died. Then, in response to those themes, and most importantly, he walks the reader through the “radical paths necessary to keep the church alive to the glory of God.” One of the consistent themes he discovered was that dying churches... Continue Reading →

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