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As the school year comes to a close, there are many “end of the year” activities.  One that juniors and seniors always look forward to is their Junior/Senior prom.  For twenty-nine ladies in the Albany, Kentucky area, prom was made a little sweeter this year (not to mention less expensive on the parents), thanks to Albany First Baptist Church and their “A Beautiful You” event.

The church, working through the High School’s Family Resource Center and announcements in the newspaper and on the radio, identified ladies that could use a little “special touch.”  Prior to the prom, the church provided a nice sit-down dinner, complete with cloth table coverings and napkins, formal place setting with china and stemmed glasses, and flowers.  A couple of speakers shared with the ladies how God had made each of them unique and how to accept themselves as God had made them.  They shared about how to have a positive self-image and how to have a God-confidence in their lives.

After dinner, students from the Somerset Community College cosmetology program did the ladies’ hair, nails, and make-up and gave them tips, techniques, and trends in each of these areas.  Three Mary Kay Dealers provided make-up and gave out samples.  Each lady also received a door prize.

This is the third year that Albany FBC has hosted “A Beautiful You,” but this year it included another element.  During the past year, a lady from Florida closed her consignment shop for formal wear and moved to Kentucky.  She donated approximately 65 formal dresses and another 20 were donated from other sources for the event.

Following the hair, nails, make-up, and door prizes, each young lady got to try on, model, and choose a prom dress.  Dresses were available in sizes 0 to 28, short dresses and long dresses, dresses in all styles and colors.  Someone said it was kind of like the show “Say Yes to the Dress.” Shoes and jewelry were also available from which they could choose.

Each lady left looking gorgeous and ready for her prom.  Pray, however, that the “outward beauty” is not all that she left with.  Pray that each lady will come to know the “inward beauty” that God has created her for.

According to Kathy Conner, from Albany FBC, the church hopes to make this an on-going event.  Already they are planning for next year’s “A Beautiful You” event and have collected 60 dresses to date.  May this unique mission opportunity be a way to reach many young ladies for Christ.

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