A Gift That Keeps on Giving


Christmas 2015 is behind us.  Gifts have been unwrapped.  Gifts have been given and gifts were received.  At this time of year we hear the words of Jesus repeated often that “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”  And, it is a time of giving.  We carefully picked special gifts for those we loved and wanted to share with.  Most of us not only gave to our family and friends, but also gave to charities and to those in need.  We were in the spirit in giving.

But, I want to share a little about receiving.  I am also thankful for each gift I received this Christmas for, it means, someone loved me enough to share a little bit of themselves with me.

Recently, I heard a pastor ask the question, “What is the best gift you have ever received?”  Of course, to us Christians it is the gift of salvation.  And, he was getting to that answer but, with this particular question, he first was asking about material gifts.

As I pondered that question (I have received many nice gifts during my lifetime), my answer was the piano I received from my parents when I was 16 years old.  Why my piano?  Because it is a gift that has kept on giving every year since that time as each week I serve as pianist in my home church.

Giving and receiving go hand in hand.  Had I not received the greatest gift of God’s Son, I would not have a message to share.  If I had not received the gift of a piano and piano lessons, I would not have that skill to use in worship.

As His children we have received the greatest gift ever given.  God has also gifted us for service.  Our family and friends have gifted us with material gifts.  Let us take a look at the gifts we have received and see how we can continue to use these gifts for God’s service into the New Year.

HAPPY 2016!!



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