Despite the Cold, the Work Goes On!!


This morning I sit in my home office looking out at the beautiful sunrise and thankful that I do not have to get out in this frigid 1̊ weather.  I pray for those who do not have this same privilege.  Many are out working in this artic cold so that my electricity, water and heat stay on and I can enjoy these comforts.  Still others have little or no heat, no electricity, frozen and/or burst water pipes, and many are even homeless.  I pray for them and thank God for those men and women that are out on the front lines serving so that they too can have shelters to go to and can be warm and fed.  I also thank God for the many ministries across Kentucky that provide warm meals, blankets, coats, etc. to those who are in need.

I love winter.  Nothing excites me more or shows the beauty of God’s creation to me more than a freshly fallen snow.  But, then again, most of the time I have the privilege of seeing it from my window.  Of the eight days I had to be out this month I am thankful that the roads were cleared and I had no problem traveling.

Lots has been accomplished during this cold January.  Two new missionaries have been approved to serve as Kentucky Mission Support Catalysts, orientation and commissioning services are being planned for 12 new Kentucky missionaries during the Kentucky WMU Annual Meeting in April, an On Mission Expo is in the planning stages for Fall 2014, interSEED Missionary Prayer Calendars ( have been updated through April, new mission opportunities have been posted on the website ( and promoted across the state, and a new potential community outreach program is been discussed.  I have had the privilege of meeting with several missionaries and with a lady seeking where God may be calling her to serve.  Several of these “meetings” would not have been possible were it not for the telephone and conferencing capabilities.

The weather has been bad but the work goes on.  Thank God for technology that allows me to set up office wherever I am and still get the message out and the work accomplished.  Be on the lookout for some of these exciting mission events and opportunities coming up throughout 2014.  Please contact us for information on the many ways YOU can be involved in missions across the Commonwealth.

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