The Rise of the Nones

Rise-of-the-NonesThe single fastest-growing religious group in Western culture is those who check the box next to the word “None on national surveys.  This group represents almost 20 percent of the population in America.  Sadly, most churches are reaching few of this group for Christ.

We are living in a post-Christian world, andNones are declaring to us, “God, maybe, but Christianity, Christians, and Church, no.”  The changing culture is revealing to us that this is a growing belief among those of the next generation.  God has placed us here, as followers of Christ, for such a time as this.

If we are to reach this generation and the “Nones,” it will require us to have a missional strategy and approach.  To reach this generation, we will have to:

  1. Learn the “heart” language of this generation.
  2. Become a student of our present culture.
  3. Share the Gospel in a way that can be understood.  Please note that I did not say change the Gospel.  The Gospel message is unchanging, but how we share that message sometimes must adapt in order to reach people groups.

In this era of declining church membership and growing apathy to matters of faith, let me suggest a book that is worth reading and that provides tremendous insight into the Nones.”  James Emory White, a pastor of one of the fastest growing church plants in America, has written a challenging, informative, and strategic book entitled: The Rise of the Nones.  This is a must read for anyone who has a heart for sharing the Gospel and impacting our culture for Christ.  This work can be found at Lifeway bookstores and is published by BakerBooks Publishing Group.   I highly recommend this book to church leaders and those in ministry who want to reach the next generation.

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