Going is NOT an Option

Going as a witness to our community, state, nation and world, is not an option, it is a mandate given to us by Christ himself.  Matthew 28:19-20 says that we should go into all the world and make disciples.  Acts 1:8 tells us that after receiving power, we will be His witnesses everywhere we go.   Given these and other scriptures that tell us to proclaim His name among the nations, going as a witness is something expected of Christ followers.  It is not an option.  Going is NOT an Option

We don’t need to wonder IF we should go because The Great Commission is very clear that we are to GO.  Gordon Fort, Vice President, SBC International Mission Board, has said “the only question we should ask is where.”

So, let’s ask that question, WHERE will YOU go?

Opportunities for ministry exist in the very community where you live and work.   God has gifted and equipped you to serve as His witness in your “Jerusalem” and very close to you are pregnancy care centers, homeless shelters, clothing and hunger relief ministries, after school programs, nursing homes, hospitals and local churches.

Will you go to places in your Judea (Kentucky) or Samaria (North America)?  Missionaries and ministry leaders need help from people like yourself who are willing to go and meet needs related to church planting, evangelism, construction, church strengthening and community outreach.  Trained Disaster Relief workers will be needed to go following the recent outbreak of deadly tornadoes in the plains states.  For a complete list of current opportunities, visit www.kybaptist.org/GO or www.kybaptist.org/DR.

Will you go across “the pond” or to the utter most part of the world?  Missionaries in London, England are needing churches to adopt boroughs for prayerwalking, evangelization, and church planting.  Villages in sub-Saharan Africa need volunteer teams to drill wells for drinking water, deliver hospice buckets for AIDS patients, care for orphans, train local pastors and plant churches.

These are only a few of the many opportunities to go that I’m aware of. The question, “WHERE will you go?” has been asked.  Since going is not an option, I have another question:  “WHEN are you going?”

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