Cincinnati Needs the Gospel

Cincinnati is in need of the gospel and Kentucky Baptists can help spread the message of Jesus in this river city.

Over 1.6 million people live in metro Cincinnati, but only 43.6% are affiliated with any religious group. Still yet, only 13.9% are connected with an evangelical church. NAMB tells us that there is only one SBC church for every 10,587 Cincinnatians in the five counties around the city.

The Send City Strategy through NAMB hopes to see 77 churches started throughout the city. Here’s the catch: this goal will not be accomplished without churches. Churches need churches to plant churches for gospel impact. Churches are needed from all over the SBC to help with this strategy in Cincinnati. However, with Cincinnati as our KY neighbor, Kentucky Baptists have a tremendous opportunity for frontline gospel advancement in this near-by river city. As an added incentive for KBC involvement, the Cincinnati Send City strategy now includes Northern Kentucky.

On September 28-29, in conjunction with NAMB, the Missions Strategies and Partnerships office will host a vision tour of Cincinnati. Participants will hear from church planters, see areas of lostness in the city, and discover how their church or association can develop meaningful gospel partnerships.

Those interested in participating can register at These vision tours are designed to raise our awareness of the needs in key gospel partnership places. When we are unaware of the needs, we will never seek to meet those needs. Further, these vision tours aim to move our affections. Head knowledge accompanied with emotional motivation more often leads to action. When we see it, hear it, smell it, touch it and taste it, we are more likely to do something about it. Lastly, these vision tours intend to equip us for action. Upon knowing the needs and being stirred, we want to help KY churches act in obedience.

Will you help plant churches and spread the gospel of Jesus in a city that needs gospel partnerships? Join us on September 28-29 and be part of God’s plan to advance the gospel in Cincinnati.

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