interSEED for our Kentucky Missionaries

One hundred plus missionaries serve in various roles across Kentucky. When asked what you can do for them you most always get the same answer, “Pray for us.” Reminds me of the words of Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:25 as he ends his letter with, “Brothers and sisters, pray for us.” All through this epistle we find Paul encouraging the Thessalonians, and reminding them to encourage and pray for one another.

I, like Paul, want to ask you to join me in this new year to encourage and pray for the men and women who serve throughout our state. They are out on the front lines meeting people from all walks of life, right where they are, and leading them to Jesus. They are our missionaries, representing all of us, and certainly desire and deserve our support and prayers.

Pray specifically. Make an effort to get to know a Kentucky missionary and pray for specific needs he or she may have.

Pray for their mental, physical, and emotional state. Pray for their safety. Yes, many of those serving in Kentucky are in areas of danger.

Pray for their marriages, their families, and those to whom they minister.

Most of all, I ask you to pray for them spiritually. Pray that our Kentucky missionaries are where they need to be with the Lord; that they have a personal, intimate relationship with the Father and that their lives are a shining witness and example for Him.

You might also want send a little note, an email, or give them a call to let them know you appreciate and remember the work they are doing for our Lord.

Resolve now to pray for your Kentucky missionaries in 2013. A good way to do this is by using the interSEED prayer calendar. Download the calendar each month at and pray on their birthdays.

Not only will they appreciate your prayers but you will be blessed as well.

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