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The Bible tells us that when the Holy Spirit fills us, we will be witnesses of Christ in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the entire world (Acts 1:8).  Jesus made it clear that the gospel wasn’t just for a specific people or only those living in a certain place.  He wanted us to share the message of salvation with all tribes and tongues.

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I’m encouraged by the recent emphasis in many churches to reach outward into their communities to share Christ (Jerusalem).  Lots of churches will engage in missions  in large urban areas within North America (Samaria) where millions of lost people live and work.  Most, if not all, churches will acknowledge the need to go internationally in order to share the gospel with unreached and unengaged people groups (ends of the earth).  But  “Judea” is often overlooked by churches.

“Judea” can be described as that area outside our daily routine that is accessible without the expense of substantial time and resources.  The state of Kentucky would be “Judea” for the 2,400 Southern Baptist churches in the Commonwealth.  We know from the 2010 Glenmary report that only 12% of Kentuckians attend church on any given Sunday.  Kentucky’s population is 4.3 million (2010 US Census Bureau) and Lifeway research tells us that 2.8 million of them are lost and without Christ.  Our Judea is in need of a strong Christian witness by Holy Spirit filled believers!  

ON Mission Expo has been planned … for such a time as this.  ON Mission Expo will help awaken believers to find their strategic “Judean” place in mission involvement while providing connection points for ministry service in Kentucky.  Hundreds of pastors, church leaders and missions curious Christ-followers from the Commonwealth will converge to –

  • Meet missionaries and ministry leaders from across Kentucky.
  • Visit displays and booths representing Kentucky missionaries and ministries.
  • Learn about culturally relevant new ministries.
  • Make plans for your next (or first) mission trip.
  • Develop personal connections with ministry opportunities.
  • Discover effective strategies and methodologies for reaching Kentuckians.
  • Engage in worship and powerful missions challenge to reach our “Judea”.

What will your strategic place of “Judean” engagement be as we seek to reach Kentucky with the life transforming message of Jesus Christ? 

ON Mission Expo is Saturday, October 11, 2015 at Immanuel Baptist Church, Corbin, KY.  For more information or to register –



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