Helping Our Neighbors in Oklahoma


2013 May Oklahoma Tornados rip through Oklahoma
2013 May Oklahoma Tornados rip through Oklahoma

Oklahoma State Disaster Relief Director, Sam Porter, sends this word as they respond to the devastation from massive tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma: 

  • Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief is responding to needs in Oklahoma.  I am thankful that Kentucky Baptists are part of the network of Southern Baptists who are doing incredible acts for Christ every day.  Your giving to the Cooperative Program and various Southern Baptist mission offerings make this possible.
  • Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief is setting up a base of operations at First Baptist Church of Moore, OK.  Pray for Disaster Relief volunteers on the ground serving in difficult circumstances.
  • The area is currently closed off for search and rescue operations.
  • Oklahoma Baptists are being swamped with phone calls, and would ask that you not call directly unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • They anticipate the need for Disaster Relief clean-up teams, but it may be several days before they will request teams.

Sam Porter, who is on the ground in Oklahoma, shares that the best ways in which people can help are to:

                *Pray for those in Oklahoma who are devastated and grieving in their loss.

                * Give monetary donations to assist in the relief effort and  recovery.

Please visit one of these three links to make a donation to Oklahoma relief efforts:,, .

Please pray for those whose lives have been torn apart by the fury of tornadoes, and then give what you can to help a neighbor in need.  Go to our KBC site to help with relief efforts:


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