Equipped for Service that Lowers Your Blood Pressure

heart in hands - blood pressureChristians are equipped for service that lowers their blood pressure.  Okay, so Ephesians 2 doesn’t say it quite like that.  It does say however, that we are equipped for works of service … and according to a new study, works of service will lower your blood pressure.

A new study suggests that engaging in volunteer ministry  can make you healthier by lowering blood pressure.  The study, by Rodlescia Sneed, is to be published in the journal, “Psychology and Aging”.   The study involved over 1,100 adults, who were interviewed about their volunteer service and had their blood pressure checked at the beginning of the study and again four years later.  All of the participants had normal blood pressure readings at the time of the first interview.

Regardless of the type of volunteer ministry or service the participants were involved in, those who said during the first interview that they regularly served in volunteer ministry or service were 40% less likely to have high blood pressure four years later than those who did not serve.

Christ followers have been equipped for ministry and we should use whatever gifts we’ve been given to serve others (1 Peter 4).   It’s easy to see that ministry and service to others is expected of the Christ follower.   We’re even promised in Proverbs 11, that when we refresh or bless others, we too, will be refreshed and blessed.

There are countless opportunities to engage in ministry service, locally, throughout Kentucky, nationwide and around the world.  Discover how God has equipped you and commit to utilizing those gifts, talents, skills and experiences for His glory.  Check out www.kybaptist.org/GO for a list of opportunities.  So, in summary, when we engage in ministry, we’re obedient to the Lord, receive a blessing and … lower our blood pressure too.


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